Prospering With the Two

By Madeline C. Gerwick

This article was originally written for and published in The New Times, Jan 2002 edition.

With The New Times’ 200th edition in January 2002, we’re being reminded of the significant changes now required for working with the “two” energies of this millennium. Our economy is down and everyone is looking for solutions. Aside from the high debt issue and the other dozens of reasons for an economic downturn, consider this. What percentage of today’s businesses do you think are still operating with the old “one millennium” paradigm methods in our new “two millennium?”

Back in the days of the “one millennium”, which ended only two years ago, the methods of intense competition, aggression, courage, and pioneering were the primary ways we made things happen. We planned our work and followed the “plan, organize, control” techniques we’ve all been taught. If you didn’t meet your goals one quarter, you worked even harder the next quarter. Tremendous effort and overtime was the name of the game.

It’s been two years since the “two millennium” arrived January 1, 2000 and all the companies that are still working with those old methods are going nowhere. Success in business now requires completely new methods of attraction and collaboration. The sooner we learn these, the sooner we’ll get out of this economic slump. What’s more important though is that these new methods are a LOT easier.

Suppose I told you that you could accomplish in minutes what has taken you months, or even years, to do in the past? Would you be interested in learning the new “two” methods? I know this takes the proverbial “leap of faith” to imagine, but it’s true and many of my clients have already experienced the effectiveness of these methods.

What I teach them is how to attract what they want to their businesses effortlessly. Do you need new employees, vendors, customers, a webmaster, publicist, or new facility? Or maybe you want to develop new product or leadership ideas? These things can come to you easily when you know how to attract them with gratitude and high energy.

One client needed to hire an assistant. It was Tuesday and she needed this person to start the following week. She had placed ads, but no one suitable had responded. Interviews and reference checking, (plus the person giving notice to their other job) would all take time. My client had nearly given up when she called me. I suggested she make a list of the skills and qualifications of her perfect employee. Then add that this person should also be able to start the following week.

After that she was instructed to get into happy, joyful energy by remembering a time when she felt that way. Once she felt this high energy, she was to start thanking the Universe for having ALREADY provided this particular employee. She was to see the person working happily and successfully in the job, with everything flowing smoothly. Staying in this joyful, grateful, energy for a minimum of 68 seconds per day (with a minimum of 17 seconds each time) is what triggers the timeline where this actually occurs.

She was also instructed that when she experienced negative thoughts such as, “This will never work!”, she was to say out loud, “Cancel. Clear.” Then replace the negative thought with a positive one. “Of course the Universe wants me to find the perfect employee quickly and easily!”

Two hours later, I got another call from this client. After we hung up, she had done as I instructed, and now the person with the right qualifications had just called her. In addition, this person was being laid off on Friday and could start work the following week. After interviewing this person, she did indeed hire her and she started the following week. A miracle? Get used to them! This is the power of attraction and collaborating with the Universe. Countless clients have experienced this kind of magic.

Here’s a second example. A new company needed an affordable webmaster for their new web site, but they were on a tight budget and it was considered a difficult job to determine the correct one to hire. One Sunday afternoon, they put this job on their “God list”, a list of tasks for the Universe that would be hard for them to do, but easy for the Universe. On Wednesday of the same week, the webmaster appeared with exactly the right budget and skill set.

Unbeknownst to most of us, we are always choosing our timelines and what happens to us with our feelings. (See Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect for more information.) This applies to us at work, as well as at home, and elsewhere. When we feel anxious, stressed, fearful, or angry, we are creating more of exactly what we feel. It’s important to understand that no matter what our intentions are, if our feelings are choosing a different path, we cannot achieve our goals.

Are you worried about losing customers to competitors or the slow economy? Guess what’s going to happen when you feel this way: you’re going to lose them! One of the first rules of the Universe is that we attract MORE of whatever we focus upon. If you’re focused on joyfully creating and working with the Universe to carry out your part of the Divine Plan, you’ll be successful, regardless of the economy. If you feel you live in the scarce Universe though, where the economy leaves you without resources, the Universe will provide that instead.

These new “two” techniques require that we spend more time listening to our inner guidance and trusting the Universe by following instructions. In fact, that’s the new method in a nutshell. Forget your plan and start following the Plan of the Universe. If you are open to what should be on your schedule each day, the Universe will lead you easily down the path it has for you, providing you with whatever you want to co-create.

Once we’re willing to give ALL our hard jobs to the Universe, and allow Spirit to create them in the timeframe and manner for the highest good of all, our work life will be full of ease and flow. Yes we have to give up the old, “plan, organize and control” methods, plus all the stress and anxiety that keeps our adrenaline pumping. It’s so much easier and more effective though, we’ll soon be very happy we did!

© 2002, Madeline Gerwick, Polaris Business Guides, LLC

All rights reserved.

Madeline Gerwick is a certified business and personal astrologer. Her background includes a BA degree with honors in economics, and over 15 years of industrial marketing and sales. She’s listed in several Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in America, and produces The Good Timing Guide: Better Business Through Better Timing. She also co-authoredThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology and The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Horoscopes, both available from Macmillan Publishing. Her astrology background includes over 20 years of study and practice.She can be reached by phone in Seattle, WA at 877-524-8300 or by email at