Dear Madeline,

I am strongly compelled to write this email in response to your email about the injection, THANK YOU x 1000!!!!!

You woke me up when I read an email from you in Jan 2020 and you said (amongst other stuff) about over 800,000 children go missing a year – What??? I said to myself, what is the lady talking about such a horrific and shocking thing, it can’t be right, no way. Like any normal person (what a joke that is now) I had to find out about this claim you had made. That line of enquiry opened it all up for me – holy sh..t! and I woke my partner up by end of March 2020

Thank you again for being brave enough to just say it as it is!!!!!

We have FLFE and use tachyons – so effective, both learned through you!!!

I use your guides for our business and home and everything – so, so helpful and never fails!!!!

I listen to your radio shows, always inspiring about what we can do.  I listen to everything you write in your updates newsletters and emails.

I have just bought your astrology book so I can start reading it to my children in home schooling.

I really value your take on what is going and I totally loved your last email. You cannot say it any clearer or blunter:) than that – fantastic! You are a true patriot and I thank you again.

Big hug and kiss!
Thank you x 1000

Mandy and family x
North Yorkshire UK

Praise for Our Consultations

I worked with Madeline this past week on the Mars Retro personal consultation.

I was blown away.

Several times during the consultation my heart brimmed with emotion as my eyes filled with tears – her view of my chart told her a different story than the story I was making for myself.  And her story is so much better than mine!

As she spoke, I could feel the Truth in her words about my experiences. I’ve made the same decision every time I’ve been offered the opportunity to work for myself or work at something that is not my work for what appears to be consistent money.  But that work is not a good fit, and ultimately fails, and I get sick or have an accident.  She asked penetrating questions with such good humor and compassion,  it was impossible not to laugh at myself as I felt relief flow from recognizing the blocks that have stopped me.

Within two days of speaking with her and committing to do the work on the ‘8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business’, I had two one hour consultations referred to me by previous clients.   The Universe was asking me to Trust.

I’ve done much work with many people in different modalities, and this work with Madeline stands out as one of the most life changing and life affirming work I’ve done – not only did I receive insight, I also was given a plan.   My paradigm shifted in that one consultation.  I’m very grateful…

Jocelyn Moroney

Great call the other night. I’ve consulted with many astrologers with different “strengths”. A good friend of mine is a professional astrologer who specializes in pre-natal eclipses; well respected in the industry and published by Simon and Schooster. She elected the dates for an LLC set up in 2005. That “election” was reviewed by another well respected astrologer, a woman who has a dozen books currently in print in the area of astrology, and she confirmed the “election” chart as being “GOOD” for the purposes of setting up an LLC.

When you and I reviewed that chart, you stated that it was NOT good; you stated that there would be “delays in payment”. That LLC was an investment group, of which I am a member, that invested in 72 acres in Gulfport Mississippi. Our exit strategy was to “develop” the property with infrastructure and sell it to a large hotel chain as it is an arguably “prime” location. We were supposed to cash out in 12-24 months, 3 years at the most. We closed on the property the day Katrina hit. We still hold that property, 9 years later.

My point here is not a “tale of woe” but an acknowledgement of the value you bring in the area of “business astrology”. Astrology is not a competitive endeavor, but often, a measure of our talents aren’t fully appreciated unless they are measured against those that distinguish excellence in our chosen field. I am not taking anything away from my friend or the other astrologer referenced herein. I am acknowledging you.

With great respect,
Peter Vito Cusumano, Foreclosure/Investment Specialist RE/MAX Realty Plus, Sebring, FL

My goal was to get an acting agent, so I checked the Guide for the best possible dates. I queried Madeline to determine whether I should mail it on the green day or have it arrive there on the green date. She advised that I mail it and reminded me to get the letters to my prospective agents in the mail before 1 p.m. That was so helpful, and sure enough I had several responses within a couple of days of the mailing. I got a 20% response rate and am now signed with the top talent agent I wanted all along! Thank you Madeline.
C. Surface

The astrological business consultation was very helpful in allowing me to focus on what I needed to focus on. […]In starting my consultancy there were a lot of different directions that I could go and it was tying me up. I wasn’t getting any traction in any one direction, because there were so many potential opportunities. Having that consultation helped me to focus my efforts on those areas that would be most beneficial and most profitable for me. I’ve gone in five years from very low money to making over six digits in revenue. […] It really helped to set me in the right direction.
Valentina Serra, Serra Solutions, Michigan

A couple of years ago [Madeline] did a chart for my other business, and there were some money concerns in certain areas – money leaking out. And it was so true. It really got me to think about the area that I might have been glossing over. It gave me a real reality check and it was very helpful for the overall direction of how I’m growing my business.

Madeline is insightful as an astrologist, also very practical with her applications to planetary alignments and how they affect your business. She has helped me plan website launches, product launches, and communications with her expertise in astrology and timing.

She is a treasure, very personable, and truly wants to see our planet be a beautiful, healthy, serene place.

I highly recommend her work.

Nancy Marmelejo, Viva Visibility, California

Praise for Our Custom Timings

My kids moved heaven and earth to get their house purchase papers signed within the twenty minute window you provided. They have ended up with the most delightful tenants. The house is across the street from their home. The new couple just moved to Portland and coincidentally enjoy all the same things my kids enjoy. It makes for a very fun addition to the neighborhood. Thanks for your help!
MW in OR

Thank you for helping select a great timing that supports my new name change. I am grateful for your expertise in seeking the heavens for a precise moment in time that enriches the birth of something new with a touch of Divine blessing. Thank you and God bless.
Penelope Heaven Protheroe, www.CelebrateSpirit.com

I have now had several timings done with Madeline. She knows how to ask just the right questions so that you can get great results each and every time. I could not imagine how I ever got along with out her before. My Business is booming and I will continue to use her consulting skills for great “timings” on all my big things! Thanks again for all your help,
Shannon Miller, Kastle Keeper Cleaning Services, llc, Arizona

I have now had several timings done with Madeline. She knows how to ask just the right questions so that you can get great results each and every time. I could not imagine how I ever got along with out her before. My Business is booming and I will continue to use her consulting skills for great “timings” on all my big things! Thanks again for all your help,
Shannon Miller, Kastle Keeper Cleaning Services, llc, Arizona

Dear Madeline, Thanks so much for the calendar dates you gave me to send out my seminar brochures. I already have 20 participants – in contrast to last year about this same time period when I only had 1! It is so important to get this valuable energetic testing method (Matrix Reflex Testing, MRT) out to doctors and participants so I really appreciate your very accurate guidance with this project. Thanks again for your excellent work.
Louisa Williams, MS, DC, ND

In 2006 I was promoted to vice president and I also went beyond my quota by $900,000 dollars. To be that successful, I would use The Good Timing Guide and have Madeline provide me the best times to send out proposals, so I knew when the times were best for what I needed to do. I was very open with what I was doing and willing to share the Guide. The people who reported to me saw the successes I was having, and they started to stay home on a Saturday morning to send out their proposals when I was sending out mine. Some of the men would call from the field to say, “What does today look like? When should I send this out?” There were others who didn’t believe in it, and they were travelling worldwide on their sales calls and setting up meetings, and no business was coming from it.
Katherine Lukienchuk, Connecticut

Our ashram was located in southern California in the desert for about the past nine years, and for various reasons we decided to relocate to New Mexico. As everybody knows, the real estate market has been very bad for the past couple of years, and even worse in the desert outback like we lived in. So I checked with you about a good time to initiate the whole process by filing our listing agreement with our realtor. You gave me a very short little 20-minute window there on a Thursday morning. We went in; we filed it. Over the weekend, our realtor got our property on the MLS listing but no sign was up, no ad was in the paper. Again, this was a very depressed real estate market. On Tuesday, that’s five days later, in the morning, we got an offer. Pretty good offer. Early afternoon, we got a better offer. And then in the evening, we got an offer beyond our asking price. So by the end of the day, in this process that we’d initiated at your direction for the timing of it, which is of course the key thing, in a very difficult time, we had a signed offer and a backup offer. So I think those are results you can’t argue with.

The same property, we put it on the market for about a year in 2004, when the market was very good; but we still didn’t sell it. We didn’t ask Madeline when to list it back then!

Swami Satyananda, Atma Jyoti Ashram, New Mexico

I had a consultation with [Madeline] about my website launch. I launched www.vivavisibility.com recently. I wanted to launch it over the summer, but I kept running into all these roadblocks. Nothing was working out right. And then I said to myself I’m going to call Madeline to find out when’s a good time to launch. It was actually early October that we launched it per your recommendation, and it’s been fantastic. Great web traffic, amazing response from people. Finally got everybody in sync between the artwork and the programmers, and the world out there has been receiving it very positively.
Nancy Marmelejo, Viva Visibility, California

It was in the latter part of 2015 that I finally realized I needed to avail myself of 21st Century medical techniques to relieve the pain that had been distracting me for the last 6 years. I had done everything else, on the metaphysical side, which helped tremendously but it was still haunting me and I felt it was time to make the final decision – surgery!

Having been a devotee of my Good Timing Guides and Madeline’s work for almost 17 years, I checked my trusty GTG guide to see if there were some good dates for surgery in January 2016. Lo and behold, I discovered that Mercury was retrograde in January! Oh no!!! Madeline had already sufficiently schooled me that when Mercury was retrograde, it was not a good time many things, let alone to have surgery. So, I emailed Madeline about how to pick a date when Mercury was retrograde and she said, wait, you have to look at your personal chart. She spent the time researching for my particular birth chart, and came up with a couple of days that I would be strong and the energies would be good even though Mercury was retrograde.

Armed with this information, I advised my physician that I had two dates for my surgery in January, 2016 which were important because ‘Mercury was retrograde.’ He said: “I have no idea what that means.” And I said, ‘Well, I do and I need surgery on one of these dates!’ So, good guy that he was, we checked his operating calendar and fit it in on one of the dates that Madeline had given me and I am here to tell you that the surgery was phenomenal, I was out of the hospital in an unbelievable time for back surgery.

The healing was faster than people could even believe and, best of all, the surgery was totally successful. I knew Madeline had done the work which provided me the opportunity to pull in all those strong, healing energies! I can never thank you enough: Thank you, thank you, thank you Madeline, you are wonderful and I totally appreciate your fabulous work!
Darity Wesley, San Diego, California

Praise for Our Good Timing Guide

FYI, 22 Dec. I was geared up to give my husband $20 to play the scratch offs due to the Good Timing Guide book. He won $10,000. Thanks to your Guide book. You can publish that. It’s a true story.

PA in FL

I talked with you back in 2012 regarding my application of astrology to marketing for content development and timing of campaigns. Since that time I’ve tested my theories with my clients and I’m amazed at the effectiveness. I use your guides extensively for timing and find them so helpful. With one client I’ve been able to increase their annual sales 200%. Pretty amazing and they love me!

Thanks so much for everything you do! I just love the results!!!

I actually can tell you right now that the Good Timing Guide is indispensable to my business planning. Our copy is always out so we can plan projects, promotions, special in-store events, reorganizing and remerchandising, computer backups and so much more all according to the guide. We find we are so much more in sync and with the flow that the business runs much more smoothly. I cannot imagine starting or running a business today without the Good Timing Guide!

Jill Miller, Fully Caffeinated
Andy Spyros, Handmade Galleries, Los Angeles, CA

I have followed Madeline’s book for about 7 years. Without her guidance that I get from her Good Timing Guide, I have no idea where I would be financially. I plan all business around her Guide. If it is a red day count me out. Green is my get it done day, everything just flows.

I can say a lot of my business contacts have learned about the guide thru me and they will not make a move without checking the guide. This is the biggest influence on my business decisions All of them. I buy stocks according to when they came out and On a GREEN DAY. I have followed her newsletter to the t. I know she knows what she is talking about. I have had business readings about when to list a house, when you start an Ad campaign. Also to get a real feeling of who she is, she has a national radio show.

Thank you.

Shana Mcguire, Wisewoman Properties, Hautefurs.com, Mcguire’s RV Rental

I started using this book (The Good Timing Guide), the previous edition, about six months ago. I received it as a gift from a friend. I immediately stated following the timing information for short and for long term marketing decisions. After an extended test period, I can report a significant increase in sales revenue that can only be attributed to the guidelines provided in The Good Timing Guide.

I am the former Business Manager of Cessna Aircraft, former International Purchasing Director for Whitaker Cable, and have been an independent business owner for many years. It is my opinion that no home, office, or briefcase should be without this remarkable book.

I begin my day, everyday, with fresh coffee and The Good Timing Guide. I consider it to be the best management tool since the invention of the calendar. I find it useful in all personal, family, and business short, intermediate, and long term planning. It is truly a friend and confidant.

The easy to use color coded layout of The Good Timing Guide makes the decision process much easier and the visuals are simple and very easy to follow. This is a great book that everyone can immediately benefit from. Based on many years of management experience, I urge you to acquire it as a great tool.

Terry Turner, New Mexico

Your guide was recommended to me by an excellent and very down-to-earth businesswoman. I use it everyday; I travel with it and have told all my friends about it – simply because it works. It is a practical, accurate and no-nonsense guide for my business. Thanks for the good work!
Anita Rodriguez, professional painter and builder from New Mexico

I’ve used a lot of your tools. I got The Good Timing Guide a couple of years ago from another coach who was using it and I loved it because for me it’s a time management tool. […] Because I’m an extremely creative person, my mind is all over the place, and sometimes I need something as practical as a color-coded calendar to tell me “do this” and “don’t do that”. For time management, I never thought I’d be using astrology as part of my business planning and marketing calendar tools, but I do.

I have consistently used Madeline’s Good Timing Guide since 2004 and it has changed the way I view my business, my timing, and even helped me with my planning!

Nancy Marmelejo, Viva Visibility, California

The Good Timing Guide is great for meeting planning. We do a lot of creative work as well, so we’ll introduce new solutions, we’ll develop new creative concepts for product launches, that kind of thing. We’re very particular about picking the right date to have that meeting with the executives, so we’re not dragging those processes out for months and months. And we see very good results. We see clients coming to agreement more quickly, finding solutions they like. The meetings run more smoothly. And every time we start on the wrong date, we pretty much know it’s going to be a little tougher all the way through.

If you use it as a test and say, I’ll set the meetings, and my meetings go well, and you set the meetings and they don’t go well, then eventually they will come and check The Good Timing Guide to pick a good date. Statistically, it’s proven out time and again.

Judith Manriquez, GX Creative Communications, Texas

Originally, following The Good Timing Guide, I had made flight reservations accordingly. However, due to an emergency, I had to fly on Oct. 4th – a day I had not wanted to fly on because there was an all day Time-Out. But armed with this information, I prepared myself for anything and everything – and luckily I did.

It started with the checking out of the hotel – a procedure fraught with misinformation and incorrect billings. The drive to the airport – filled with delays and traffic jams. Get to the airport – only to find out that my flight had been delayed by 2 hours because Dallas-Ft. Worth airport had been shut down due to weather. Land in Dallas and end up sitting on the runway for over an hour due to the lack of gates to depart at. After getting off, I find that I have 10 minutes to make my connecting flight – which flight is departing from a different location and building. After literally running to make the flight, I arrive at the departure gate only to find out that the previous flight had not left and our aircraft was sitting out on the runway waiting. Another 1-1/2 hour delay. Getting on board, I find that we are number 24 in line on the runway to take off.

So, I am sharing this with you: never travel during Time-Outs… unless one has an enormous amount of patience and time.

Thank you for your valuable book!

Lisa Wilde, Washington

The 2004 Good Timing Guide is the sixth one I’ve purchased. There is so much helpful information in the guide that at first one could be overwhelmed. I know initially I only scratched the surface of what it could do for me. Then, after reading and re-reading the pages of explanatory information, I began to see a difference both in my use of the Guide and in what I was accomplishing. Now, I select a new-to-me feature each year to concentrate on in making my business and personal decisions more effective and successful. This year I started to carry the guide in my purse. That’s indicative of how often I refer to it; I want it at hand when I have a question or the opportunity to plan something comes up. I hope the new hard cover allows continued easy carrying.

The bottom line is: why work harder when you can work smarter? A tool “good enough” for J. P. Morgan and Walt Disney is worth studying–if you want to emulate successful people.

Frances Juanita, Washington

*Convenient!* A very simple and easy resource that allows anyone to incorporate and utilize the energies of the universe in any aspect of Life, without having to know all the how’s and why’s of astrology !!!
Karl Winkler

Praise for 8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business

[8 Keys] I loved that class. It was such a focusing activity for me. There’s just such a power in getting focused on what you want. My business has grown since I took that class a couple of years ago. I’m making ten times more than I was before.
Nancy Marmelejo, Viva Visibility, California

While taking the 8 Keys class I was able to manifest a well-known development company that wanted to place my store in a major airport, a large, low-interest loan to pay off some of my business debt and an incredibly easy refinance on my home to make my family financial free as well as the perfect manager to take my business to the next level. I took the class at what happened to be the most challenging financial times my business has ever had and Madeline’s and Peg’s support was one of the main ways I was able to navigate through these times. Although I was familiar with many of the tools and techniques, I still benefited immensely from the class. The format and focus of each session, the coaching and the ability to replay the sessions to remind me, helped me to focus, sharpen and expand my skills and build them into more of a habit. Whether you are brand new to these ideas or you have been exposed to them before, you absolutely will see some major and tangible benefits from taking this 8 Keys course.

Praise for Paper Piles & Clutter Release

After doing the Paper Piles Release, I had an “aha” moment in the middle of the day to make a list of what I needed to clutter clear, room by room. When I got to my downstairs office (which is the worst & which I want to convert to a guest bedroom), I looked at it with “new eyes” for the first time. I didn’t have that visceral, gut-clenching reaction that I usually do when walking into that room! And I was able to break it down into segments (eg. I’ll just clear the bookshelf one day, just the CDs/DVDs another day, just the desk another, etc) and when I did this, I felt so much better. It didn’t feel overwhelming anymore – it felt completely achievable, almost as if my fear of starting had been blocking my real vision of seeing it for the way it was. I also feel so much “lighter” and that I am able to throw out all the accumulated papers/files (that I haven’t looked at in the past 3 years) much more easily. It doesn’t seem like the monster I’d envisioned! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
R.A., November 2, 2012