About Polaris Business Guides

Polaris Business Guides was originally founded by Madeline Gerwick as Astro Cycles Consulting in 1995. Its primary purpose is to assist all types of companies in becoming more prosperous by working in harmony with the Universe. While working in a corporation, Ms Gerwick discovered that success depended on more than good intentions. It also depended on good timing. She originally hand-colored other calendars for open-minded managers in the company where she worked. As the number of people who wanted one grew, she realized she would need to put the information on a computer. Thus the Good Timing Guide was born in 1997, along with Good Timing Newsletters. She’s also provided hundreds of custom timings for individuals and businesses, including New Company Starts, since she began her company.

In addition she provides many organizational and individual astrological consultations. These consultations provide a road map to co-create your success, with the company’s or individual’s cycles providing yearly guidance for focus and direction. She also answers specific questions, such as “should I .. buy this property? Lease this facility? Hire this person? Make this investment? Pursue this opportunity?

Ms Gerwick began taking prosperity training in 1999 and decided to incorporate that training into her business. This training provided her company many “miracles”, allowing her to accomplish major tasks in minutes instead of days, weeks or months.  So she began teaching these tools in late 2002. She now teaches Eight Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business once a year with co-facilitator, Peg Donahue.

The company changed to Polaris Business Guides in 2002 and she now works with other associates who have both a strong business background and metaphysical training to provide new tools to businesses. It is our belief that since the millennium number changed to 2 in 2000, that many of our old methods have not worked the way they did before. We now must shift our focus to collaboration and cooperation, away from competition. This shift is more fundamental than might be expected at first glance. It requires trust, something which competition, internally or externally, doesn’t foster.

To further this intention, Ms Gerwick has associates who provide Emotional Freedom and Healing Releases, and other release tools to quickly and effectively release fears and limiting beliefs out of the physical and emotional bodies. Once fear and limiting beliefs are released, we can move forward in new directions that were previously unattainable. Some of these releases are available on economical CDs or MP3s , to release prosperity issues, plus issues related to angerdeceptionpaper piles (or clutter), and more. This process can be used to clear any type of fear or limiting belief. It’s highly effective and can be repeated until all the layers of the fear or limiting belief are released. This process typically takes an hour with one of the coaches.

As Ms Gerwick continued down the path of understanding the true bottom line for companies, she became convinced that it is energy, not money, since it’s the energy of a company that determines how much money comes to it. With this understanding she began assembling more tools for businesses, since energy can be revealed in numerous ways.  

For this reason, Polaris Guide, Peg Donahue provides local and long distance feng shui to companies, as well as space clearing techniques, which are highly effective in person or remotely. If you’ve ever been inside a building or home where a lot of anger has occurred, then you know that energy hangs around and it takes a very long time to dissipate. While that’s going on, the company’s income is decreasing (anger cuts prosperity). So these tools are considered essential to the modern company. Feng shui is a form of understanding energy in an environment and how that energy is reflected in your company’s bottom line. It’s amazing what this tool can do for you!

Polaris Guide, Maureen St Germain, provides numerological consultations for selecting the best name of a company, or an individual. No matter what name we choose, it sends out a vibration or frequency. If that frequency or vibration doesn’t connect with the type of customers we want, then it’s harder to attract the perfect customer to you. Maureen also provides Akashic Record readings, teaches the Flower of Life and other trainings worldwide.

In addition, Burry Foss, specializes in Human Design for companies. This is a method of getting the company’s operating system, something different from it’s astrological chart. He has great experience in creating breakthroughs in companies too, and together you can create one for your own business.

If you’re looking to relieve stress in the entire company (a very good idea to increasing prosperity!) then Fred Sauer will be the Guide to contact. He works with entire teams to relieve stress, fears, and limiting beliefs in very effective ways.

In 2007, Ms Gerwick started her own broadcasting radio show as part of the Dr Pat Show. She is still on the radio and her show, Cosmic Connections with Madeline is heard weekly on 300 Cable Radio Stations, on CBS Radio in Boston, NY and Detroit, plus Transformation Talk Radio Network, and on KKNW in Seattle. These shows are all archived on this site. You can also sign up to receive the information she puts out on the radio for the coming week’s cycles. Just register for What’s Up in the Heavens?

What a journey! We’re still on this one, ever vigilant for the next new tool that can help companies, organizations or individuals become more prosperous by working in harmony with the Universe. We hope you’ll join us in discovering tools that will make your business hum along faster, easier and more prosperously.

Wishing you good timing for success and the JOY to create prosperity!