Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE)

Are You Concerned about EMFs?
5G or Smart Meters?
FLFE Has the Solution!

With all the technology that’s everywhere, our bodies are now bathed in electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that distort or disturb our bodies’ natural processes. Back in the 1950s, scientists discovered that even the smallest amounts of EMFs disturbed the human body. It was mentioned in some of the newspapers and highlighted in a few books, but beyond that, it was forgotten. We continued to move forward with more and more EMFs creeping into our lives.

Smart meters created an even worse situation, sometimes causing serious illnesses and even death. Now 5G is in the process of being introduced, which will further increase the health challenges to our bodies. Fortunately Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) has found a way to harmonize all those challenging frequencies for your body and consciousness, while continuing to ensure that the technology works correctly. Their EMF mitigation assists your body, your brain, your sleep, and your consciousness!

There’s also a new, cost-effective product, Smarter EMF, which can be purchased separately. Watch the short video about that on this page for more details. It’s especially great for students or others who work or study in high EMF environments.

To learn more about my own experience with FLFE, continue reading below the videos and the banners.







Madeline Interviews the founders of Focused Life-Force Energy

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Imagine Feeling Better Every Day!

Imagine More Focus, Greater Creativity, Better Sleep and Higher Consciousness!

That’s Life with Focused, Life-Force Energy!

As a teacher of prosperity principles, I’m keenly aware of how our daily energy impacts our prosperity, what we attract to ourselves, and how we react to our challenges. So I was delighted to discover that someone had created this incredible product, Focused, Life-Force Energy (FLFE), which helps with the following:

  • Raises your consciousness and vibration
  • Increases your focus and clarity
  • Generates higher levels of creativity
  • Speeds up your manifestations
  • Perhaps even more important: better sleep!

What is FLFE? It’s actually an energy-product that is beamed directly to your home, business or phone. It delivers a high-vibrational, life-force energy to you that helps you feel better, happier, more productive and creative, and more joyful.

When my daughter and I first tried a 15-day, free trial of FLFE, I immediately noticed that my daughter became more positive and cooperative about getting her tasks done. She was able to focus better and this enabled her to get her jobs done faster. Even if she got off-track in a negative mood, she got herself out of it quickly, instead of wasting time complaining or feeling sorry for herself. For the most part though, she remained in a more positive and happier mood.

For myself, I noticed I was able to focus better on my writing jobs. That requires research, creativity, and concentration, which I found were improved. My most fun discovery though was that my manifestations were much faster. Often I manifested whatever I wanted within 24 hours or less, even when I had no idea how to get it. It felt like magic to me, and it was so much fun! I attribute this to feeling so good that I had no resistance to whatever I wanted. I was just voicing what I wanted without any concerns about how to get it. Then voila: there it was!

I’m normally in a good mood and I’m typically happy, so I can’t say that my mood changed. On the other hand, I discovered I slept MUCH better with FLFE in place, especially with the home program. I stopped waking up early. I even slept so well that I often slept through my alarm clock. I started allowing more time for sleep, because I could see that my body was going to take it. All healing starts with sleep. Relationships improve when people have better sleep. Every aspect of your day improves with better sleep. If this had been the only change I noticed, it would still have been hugely worth it to me to have FLFE. For both my daughter and I, better sleep is a tremendous benefit. 

Why is good sleep a challenge to get now? There’s a long list of potential reasons. At the heart of all of them is the real culprit. The Earth and the entire solar system are travelling through a part of the galaxy where humans have never been before. The frequencies we’re being blasted with 24/7 are much higher than humans have ever encountered. To your body this feels like you’re trying to sleep with rock and roll music blaring in your room all night. I believe the lack of good sleep is behind a lot of the bad behavior we see now. Want to improve the world? Get better sleep!

How can FLFE help? I believe it raises your own frequency to a high enough level so your body is able to harmonize with the higher frequencies in this part of the galaxy. Instead of your body hearing blaring rock and roll music all night long, it’s relaxed with the higher frequencies and sleeps a lot better. Once you get better sleep, you have better energy, and that’s the key to higher prosperity! The better you feel, the faster more money and opportunities will arrive.

Of course, as your vibration increases, you think different thoughts. You open to new possibilities. Instead of talking yourself into a corner when you’re challenged, you open to new ideas and new ways of living. Maybe your intuition will kick in and you’ll follow it? Maybe you’ll look for help from non-physical allies? Perhaps you’ll ask others for help? Or you’ll work with new tools to bring in more money? Maybe you’ll discover who you really are? This process is what leads to higher consciousness.

I started with the 15-day, free trial for the phone. At the end of that, I tried the 15-day, free trial for the home, which I decided I liked even better. The home program has some programs to eliminate negative energies from your home, which the phone doesn’t have. You can try both programs free for 15 days, but not at the same time. When you do the free trial, you’ll get access to a control panel, so you can turn it on and off. Remember to drink a lot more water when you try this, as your body will want to eliminate toxins that are no longer in harmony with your new, higher frequency. It’s worth it!

In addition, the longer you’re on FLFE, the better it gets. The primary feelings I noticed from FLFE are love, happiness, and peace. If your body has been in stress, anxiety, fear, anger or other negative energies, it will take time to eliminate toxins, raise your vibration enough to sleep better, and start increasing your prosperity. How long it takes is dependent on you and your normal state. It takes time for your body to start increasing the number of receptors for love, harmony and happiness. As your body increases those receptors, you’ll start feeling the effects of FLFE even more. And yet, most people can tell the difference pretty quickly.

I also talked to the founders of the programs and was amazed by their work, their intentions and their desire to help all of us create higher levels of consciousness and prosperity. They even worked with Kryon, the Earth’s magnetic master, to find ways to create these products and deliver them safely to you. They’re also working on new programs that will be added to FLFE as they’re tested and proven.

If you want to experience better sleep, more energy, higher levels of prosperity, better focus, and greater creativity, then get Focused, Life-Force Energy in your home, business or phone!

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