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For Economic and Business Trends.

Designed to complement The Good Timing Guide, our quarterly e-newsletters and e-mail updates give you the big picture for business and economic trends, plus tips for working with the energies. Between the Guide and this Newsletter, you get the complete picture of what’s happening.

Big trends last too long to cover in the Guide itself, so the Newsletter provides the “rest of the story.”

Discover how our forty-year economic revolution impacts you and your industry. Newsletters include valuable business, economic, and social trends, plus special timing tips:

  • A quarterly overview, with timing information
  • Economic news, such as interest rate changes, and where the economy is headed
  • Business news, such as which industries are growing and which ones are contracting
  • Major changes we’re encountering for the economic transformation through 2024
  • How to work with the cycles and energies
  • Special tips for your projects
  • Major news and their associated cycles
  • Answers to your questions

E-mail updates come out regularly, generally once a week, as news, cycles, or special timing tips warrants one.

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