Emotional Freedom and Healing Release for Prosperity

Emotional Freedom and Healing Release for Prosperity

Peg Donahue facilitates a group EF&H release for issues related to prosperity. You may benefit from listening to this group release if you:

  • are experiencing feelings of lack or scarcity related to prosperity, money and abundance
  • you worry about making ends meet
  • you worry about meeting your financial obligations
  • you resent your current situation
  • you harbor feelings that you don’t deserve to be prosperous
  • you feel stuck
  • you feel you work too hard for what you earn
  • you are not earning the money you feel you deserve to earn
  • you find it challenging to attract customers or clients
  • you worry about having or not having a job
  • have fear or anxiety related to any aspect of prosperity

Emotional Freedom and Healing is a very gentle and effective process to release deeply held beliefs and emotions from your body. It involves a combination of tapping acupressure points, repeating affirmations and breathing deeply to release fears and limiting beliefs. Once the limiting belief or emotion surfaces and you release it, it is gone forever. If the patterns have been building for years or even lifetimes, you may have layer upon layer that needs to be released. You can do these sessions as many times as is comfortable for you.

This session is for you if you’d like to release issues that may be limiting prosperity flowing easily and effortlessly to you.

One Hour CD

Meet Your Guide:

Margaret M. (Peg) Donahue is a feng shui and bau-biology consultant, teacher, speaker and author. A life-long practitioner of prosperity principles, Peg’s been following her passion and teaching others to do the same, since founding Feng Shui Connections in 2001. Her formal education includes multiple certifications in feng shui, bau-biology, coaching, and intuitive development, an MBA from Boston University, and a BA from Georgetown. A contributor to 2016’s Success Manifesto with Madeline Gerwick and Brian Tracy, Peg is also a co-author of Dorm Room Feng Shui and a 2015 recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award from Southern New Hampshire University. Peg understands our old ways of working and guides people and businesses to embrace the shift to our new, sustainable economy. Please visit her at fengshuiconnections.com.