Meet Peg Donahue

Margaret M. Donahue


Margaret M. (Peg) Donahue is a highly skilled business and personal consultant, teacher, and coach specializing in feng shui, clearing energies and blockages, and refocusing clients to live authentic, prosperous lives using easy and practical tools. Through many types of training, and her numerous years in business leadership, she mastered the art of energy and its impact on personal and business success.

Peg holds an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Georgetown University. She is also a graduate of three professional feng shui programs, the Building Biology Institute, Space and Personal Clearing trainings, plus several coaching and intuitive development programs. She also taught and certified feng shui practitioners for seven years at her own school, The New England Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts, in addition to an eight-year collaboration with Karen Kallie, of Living Energy Works, on stress-reduction programs.

Throughout her life and career Peg has demonstrated a unique ability to help individuals and teams achieve success. This includes a highly successful twenty-one-year career (including seven years as a vice president and general manager) with one of the leading database marketing firms in the country. Working with large nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries, Peg was often tasked with turning the most challenging teams and circumstances around. She used the same tools then as she does today.

No stranger to personal transformation, Peg has been following her passion and teaching others to do the same. After leaving her corporate career in 2000, she immersed herself in metaphysical studies and founded Feng Shui Connections in 2001.

Peg teamed with Madeline Gerwick in 2002 to teach prosperity training to individuals and business professionals. Their 8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business trains people to understand how energy impacts outcomes. In 2005 Peg co-authored Dorm Room Feng Shui and in 2016 was a contributing author to the bestseller Success Manifesto, along with Madeline Gerwick, Brian Tracy, and others. Money Is an Energy Game (2019), is their latest collaboration.

In addition, Peg was an organizational leadership / human relations adjunct instructor for Southern NH University (SNHU) for four years. Using the same techniques to teach and motivate her students, in May 2015 Peg received SNHU’s Excellence in Teaching Award as an Outstanding Online Adjunct Faculty Member.

Weaving the worlds of business and energy has driven Peg’s success for nearly forty years. She enjoys helping people and businesses master the art of thriving in any circumstance.

Credentials and Honors

  • Excellence in Teaching Award, SNHU, 2015
  • MBA, Boston University
  • BA, Georgetown University
  • Certified in Lo Pan Studies, The New England School of Feng Shui
  • Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, The New England School of Feng Shui
  • Certified Essential Feng Shui Practitioner, The Western School of Feng Shui
  • Certified Building Biology and Ecology Consultant, BBI, Clearwater, FL
  • Certified Dream Coach®, Dream University
  • Certified Prosperity Guide, Prosperity Partnership Program
  • Energy of Life I.D.E.A.L.program, The Way to Balance
  • Emotional Freedom and Healing (EF&H) Certified Facilitator
  • Habit of Attraction Coaching Certification, The Messenger Network


Professional Affiliations

Services and Fees:

Coaching – Work with Peg to benefit from a unique blend of experience and skills: self-transformation, prosperity awareness, inner and outer energy alignment, in addition to the typical aspects: listening objectively, being a sounding board, helping to define and clarify your goals, implement a plan of action, bring accountability. If you are ready to release old patterns and blockages and you would like to implement a personal plan, call Peg to arrange a coaching session today.

Emotional Freedom and Healing™ (EF&H) – is a tool that helps you to release limiting fears and beliefs quickly and gently. You identify the issue from which you want relief (such as money, relationships, health, work, family, negative beliefs, phobias, fears, insecurities). You learn a very simple and highly effective release technique by tapping specific acupressure points, repeating words of intention and breathing deeply.

Feng Shui Consultations – help to energetically align your home or office space with your intentions by analyzing floor plans, providing recommendations for furniture placement, identifying the best office space, suggestions for situating employees or situating company functions (such as finance, sales or marketing), answering questions you have and clarifying what you already know about feng shui.

A complete consultation includes analysis of your objectives and environment using a questionnaire, floor plan, plot plan and photos or an onsite visit. A written report with recommendations and significant background information about feng shui is included.

Personal Clearings — You may want a personal clearing if you feel fearful, anxious, stuck, unmotivated, angry, are having emotional ups and downs, and more. Each clearing addresses disturbances in your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental fields. Karmic patterns and beliefs, past life trauma and negative energy patterns are also addressed and cleared. A personal clearing helps to bring balance and can occur once, occasionally, or on a regular basis.

Space Clearings – are an effective way to release unbeneficial experiences, thoughts, beliefs, memories, and patterns from your home or business. The clearings shift energy throughout your environment. You may want to revitalize a space when you move into a new office or house or after significant, negative or disturbing events occur.


  • Dream Coaching: $2,500.00 for a 12 session program over three months.
  • Emotional Freedom & Healing Release: $165.00 per session. Recording included.
  • Personal Clearings: $180.00 per clearing. Summary report included.
  • Space Clearings: $225.00 per location. Summary report included.
  • Feng Shui Consultations: $180/hour for Residential Feng Shui; $225/hour for office or business feng shui; $45/15 minute phone session. Travel and out of pocket expenses are billed at cost.
  • Long-Distance/Remote Feng Shui Consultation: $375.00