Your Time Codes for SUCCESS

By Madeline C. Gerwick


I’d love for you to increase your productivity and prosperity, and I’d love for you to do it without any extra effort.

Simply knowing when to take action, and when to pause to review and plan, does just that – increases your overall abundance without any extra work.

The easy solution for using astrology and the energetic flow of the Universe to empower your daily choices!

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“The Good Timing Guide is indispensable to my business planning. I cannot imagine starting or running a business today without the Good Timing Guide!”

Andy Spyros / Handmade Galleries

Use the Good Timing Guide To:

  • Gain the support of the Universe by working in harmony with the Divine Plan of the day
  • Increase your chances of success
  • Find the best times for your business activities: When to launch a product, start a marketing campaign, sign a contract, invest, etc.
  • Find the best times for your personal activities: When to make major purchases, have important conversations, invest, etc.
  • Avoid “Time-Outs” – the times that will only lead to nothing positive coming of your effort

The reason I created The Good Timing Guide and Newsletter was to make this life changing information readily available to EVERYONE who needs it.

In my 20+ years as a business astrologer, I have found that good timing is the easiest and most reliable way to achieve business success because it taps into Universal cycles.

My fees for custom timings run $180/hour, and I have 20 years of client stories that show that this rate is well worth the investment. I also understand that this price is not a viable option for everyday decisions. The Good Timing Guide and Newsletter give you many of the tools that I utilize in my consulting practice, but for an extremely affordable price.

– Madeline Gerwick

You make important decisions every day. Why not increase your chances of success by knowing which days and times are right for the actions you need to take?

You can harness the power of Universal cycles for only $18 – $62, depending on the format you choose!

“Without [Madeline’s] guidance that I get from her Good Timing Guide, I have no idea where I would be financially. I plan all business around her guide. If it is a red day, count me out. Green is my get it done day, everything just flows.”

Shana Mcguire / Wisewoman Properties

A Tool For All Skill Levels

The Good Timing Guide Guide:

  • Combines all of the complex astrological cycles
  • Applies these cycles to your business & personal activities
  • Displays the results in an easy-to-use, color-coded, calendar format

The Guide is so easy to use that even if you have no training in (or interest in learning!) astrology, you’ll be able to jump right into using good timing after reading the brief introduction.

It is also such a valuable resource that many practicing astrologers use it to help them make daily decisions.

What’s In the Good Timing Guide?

  • A brief description of How To Use The Guide
  • Quick Reference Code Explanations and the daily activities that are recommended for those codes
  • Indicators of When to Take Action on important activities
  • Indicators of When to Avoid Important Actions (called “Time-Outs”)

What’s In the Newsletters & Email Updates?

  • The Quarterly Newsletters complement the Guide, providing information on big trends and cycles that are too long to cover in the Guide itself.
  • You get the big picture for business and economic trends, plus tips for working with the energies.
  • Email Updates come out generally once per week with reminders and tips on upcoming cycles.

Read a Sample Newsletter

Ready to jump into the flow of the Universe?

Ready to improve your chances of success?

Order Your Guide Now & Start Getting Better Results

Taking action in step with the Universal cycles puts you in the flow of the Universe, and helps to create greater abundance and prosperity for yourself and for the planet.

Why put off taking your business to the next level?

I’ve been working with these cycles for over 20 years, and it is clear to me now that when you aren’t aware of the powerful effect they have on your daily life, you’re really missing out on a remarkable tool.

It’s like “flying blind.”

“I have consistently used Madeline’s Good Timing Guide since 2004 and it has changed the way I view my business, my timing, and even helped me with my planning!”

– Nancy Marmelejo, Viva Visibility, California

Why “fly blind” about your daily choices when you can be a Good Timing Visionary?

Take advantage of the powerful Universal cycles.

Make the smart choice.

Only $18 – $62

(Depending on the format you choose)

Order Now and Become a Good Timing Visionary!

Want To Learn More About Good Timing?

If you’re new to good timing, you may want to order the Good Timing Master Class MP3 (How To Use the Guide) for additional guidance from Madeline on getting the most out of the Guide.

This valuable How-To Audio is only $9.95.

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