The Subtle Energies Behind Prosperity

By Madeline C. Gerwick

With today’s economic challenges, it’s important to understand how the subtle energies we use every day are either bringing customers, sales and money to us or pushing them away. Science has discovered the relationship between quantum physics and what’s happening at the office everyday, and these subtle energies have a lot to do with our bottom line!

What kind of subtle energies are constantly impacting our bottom lines without us realizing it? Here’s a small list:

  • What you believe about a situation
  • How you feel about a situation
  • The energy behind a decision
  • How we feel when we pay our bills, invest, or donate
  • Our office clutter or flow
  • The timing of important activities or decisions
  • How well we take care of ourselves

The simple fact is that there’s no difference between our energy and our money. Science has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that everything is made up of energy. This means that even money is made up of energy, and for that matter, money is simply an effective means of exchanging energy with other people and firms. The most basic rule when dealing with energy is that like attracts like. To attract more customers, sales, and money to you, it pays to be in higher energy, which attracts more money. Quantum physics and biology also shows us that we’re constantly choosing the outcomes to situations with our feelings. We create more of what we feel.

If you understand this exciting news, you may already grasp that many of our standard business practices are actually pushing money away from us. The stress and anxiety that many of us feel daily are pushing sales away or creating unexpected expenses. In addition, general business practices discourage us from noticing our feelings. Yet, they’re at the heart of what we create on a daily basis, including the bottom line. The keys to more money show we need to make changes at work. This article will provide a brief overview of some subtle energy methods that will bring you more money.

Choosing Fear or Faith in this Economy

We’re all facing challenges during the transformation of our economy. This is not a minor hiccup we’re seeing. This is a major transformational process to create a more sustainable economy and there’s a great deal of uncertainty. It’s easy to find ourselves in fear mode during these times, but what do you think we attract with that energy? We create even less money! The fear of not having enough money pushes it away at the energetic level.

What does that look like in the business world? It means customers who may have intended to call in orders or request services don’t do it. It can also mean that you’re suddenly saddled with unexpected expenses, or a contract you’ve depended upon doesn’t get renewed. You or your workers may feel frustrated and stop making progress. You may experience higher turnover or employees may use more sick time. Problems may take longer to resolve or become more entwined and tangled, costing you and your company even more money.

Choosing faith that it will all work out for the best is a stretch for many of us, but this is what’s most needed in this situation. Even if financial firms fail or the US dollar crashes, or we lose important customers (all possible!), choosing faith instead of fear will allow your business to thrive when others don’t. Remember that many opportunities will be created with the changes. Stay focused on bringing them to you.

How can we stay out of fear if we’re reading the news every day? There are good tools available now to release fears easily and quickly from the body. These include the Emotional Freedom Technique ( and Emotional Freedom and Healing releases (

We can also pivot out of fear by choosing a better thought or story. When you find yourself thinking, feeling or saying out loud that you don’t have enough money, time or other resources, cancel that, and substitute a positive thought instead. “Of course we can easily find a way to create XYZ! The Universe (use any word) is working on that for us right now.” Feel joyful that this can indeed happen, even though you don’t know how. Your job is not to know the “how.” It’s simply to trust.

Give Away Your Hard Jobs

Most of us believe that the only way to get anything done is to do it ourselves. We can’t even imagine that there’s another support system available to us that’s willing to accept our hard jobs. This is where our beliefs come in. We can’t create anything that we don’t believe. Amazingly enough, the opposite is also true.

Do you have more things on your to-do list every day than you can possibly get done? If you’ll change your beliefs, you can easily accomplish them. Here’s an example from my own business. I wanted to get my message out to hundreds of thousands of people. I didn’t know how to do this, nor did I have the time to research the best way to do it. Even worse, this job was just too hard, so I gave it to the Universe. I didn’t do anything. I simply thanked the Universe in joy every day for showing me how to make this possible.

What happened? About 6 weeks later, I received an invitation to be a weekly guest host on a popular, radio show with an audience of 300,000+ listeners. This was a fantastic opportunity, but it wasn’t free. I didn’t have the money required to do the show, but I believed that the Universe wouldn’t bring me the opportunity unless it was also sending me the money. In a few short weeks, I raised all the capital for this show and I was on the radio. I now have one of the most popular shows on that network and I’m now allowed to sell sponsorships so I can continue my show. I never imagined this solution, but the Universe did and brought it to me.

You can attract the right solutions to you too. It’s all a matter of the energy you are putting out and your beliefs. If you believe the Universe will assist you, it will. Use any word you like and give your big jobs away. If you believe you must do everything yourself, then no one can help you. Nothing can overcome our beliefs except changing them. Do you believe you don’t have enough time? Try a new mantra like, “I have more than enough time to accomplish all my goals.” You’ll be amazed how well this works.

It’s Time to Pay the Bills

Talk about agony! In the midst of a tough economy, paying bills can really raise our blood pressure. Whenever we’re paying bills with feelings of scarcity though, we’re literally creating even less money to pay them. That’s because paying bills in lack ensures that the money we’re sending out doesn’t come back to us.

Instead, pay your bills in joy, even if you can only pay some of them. Be glad you can pay something! Imagine that your money is creating prosperity for other families and assisting others on their paths. Then see it coming back to you. Be grateful for the services or products you received. Write on your checks, “With many prosperous blessings,” or “With tenfold blessings” and that’s what will come back to you.

It’s our Energy and Choices

Did you short change yourself on sleep last night, fail to eat breakfast, or skip exercising? Did you make a decision in anger, fear or anxiety? Those are other ways we push money away from ourselves. You won’t have the high energy to attract money when you’re tired, hungry, or edgy. The Universe will pay you more to take better care of yourself and to make your decisions in joy.

Is your office full of clutter? This is a form of stuck energy that prevents flow and prosperity. Clear out clutter and archive old files not in use. Have a clean up day at the office and clean everything. That will move a lot of energy and you’ll immediately get more business. Then feng shui your office to ensure you’re receiving all the opportunities available and your office is working in flow and prosperity.

Learn how timing impacts your business results. These subtle energies can make a huge difference in your success. Each week the Universe gives us at least three cosmic Time-Out periods, when nothing comes of whatever we’re doing during those periods. Avoid making major pitches, signing contracts, hiring, or starting anything important during those times. The data on this is astonishing. There are many more ways we can bring more prosperity to our businesses by paying attention to the subtle energies. Begin now to learn how they impact your bottom line and the economic challenges will be much easier. It’s your choice! © 2008, Madeline C. Gerwick

Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized business and economic astrologer, speaker and author. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and is listed in several Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in the World. She co-facilitates prosperity training for companies, so they can prosper in any economy (8 Keys to the Ultimately Prosperous Business). She annually writes The Good Timing Guide, and she co-authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology. She’s also a contributing author to the business anthology, Einstein’s Business, Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace, along with Oprah, Steven Covey, Tom Peters, and more. Ms. Gerwick is heard weekly on The Dr Pat Show ( on Cosmic Connections with Madeline. Call her toll free at 877-524-8300.