Good Timing Guide Corrections

Good Timing Guide Corrections

Below you will find corrections to the Good Timing Guide. Please email if you find any other mistakes, and we will post them for everyone here. We go through an extensive proofing process each year but invariably things still fall through the cracks. Thanks for letting us know when you find something.

2022 Good Timing Guide Corrections:

Due to an error in the ephemeris we use to make the Good Timing Guide, we have discovered an error in our Guide:

August 31, 2022 should have a Green Final Result after the Time-Out ends at 10:12 am Pacific time and 1:12 pm Eastern time.

September 1, 2022 should have a Green Final Result for the entire day.

September 2, 2022 should have a Green Final Result until the Time-Out begins at 10:23 am Pacific time, and 1:23 pm Eastern time.

The other dates in September have the correct final result.

2021 Good Timing Guide Corrections:

There are no known corrections for 2021 at this time.