Office Feng Shui MP3


OFFICE FENG SHUI: 30 Days To Creating More Successful Outcomes For Yourself and Your Business.

In these four one-hour classes, you will learn about the basics of office feng shui, have short assignments to apply the concepts to yourself and your office, and maintain a gratitude journal of changes you’ve made and the coincidences and synchronicities you notice. Things change in your life daily. We are often so busy that we don’t take the time to notice. We’ll show you how to slow down, tune in and make practical adjustments that will have long-lasting power. Slowing down actually creates the time and space to accomplish even more in your life. Get this CD set and learn how a few proper adjustments in your office and in your approach can make a difference.

With Peg Donahue. 4 hours 44 min. MP3 Format.

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