Money Is an Energy Game


Welcome to a revolutionary way of creating prosperity, money, and well-being! This book will guide you to a new view of how your energy influences everything in your life, including your money. What’s the bottom line for attracting money? It’s ENERGY! Energy is at the heart of everything that occurs. Money is an Energy Game guides you through an easy path to prosperity using unique tools and new perspectives.

This book teaches you the ins and outs of how to generate higher levels of prosperity in any form. You’ll learn how to attract funds more easily, create a more prosperous business, and enjoy a higher quality of life. This book provides easy tools and techniques to help you master the role of money in your life.

A BIG bonus provided with this book is a link to a FREE Emotional Freedom & Healing Release to help you dissolve patterns, limitations and blocks to attracting money and prosperity — those you recognize, as well as some you may not realize you’re carrying.