Good Timing Master Class (How to use the Good Timing Guide MP3)


Timing is everything! Delve deeper into Good Timing in this recorded class.  The workshop takes you beyond the instructions that come with the Good Timing Guide, toward mastery of Good Timing.

Learn how to benefit the most from your Good Timing Guide. This workshop covers all the basic codes, and how to interpret dates. Lots of application examples are given, using the class members’ questions or jobs. Learn the more subtle aspects of good timing. Avoid false starts, wasted resources, and keep your projects in harmony with the Universe!

This 90 minute class covers:

Time-outs, a cycle discovered in 100% of researched bankrupt companies
Final results of new starts and contracts
Mercury retrograde: time to catch up, rework and redo
Venus retrograde: time to rethink pricing, relationships and partnerships
Mars retrograde: time to reconsider strategies and direction
Good timing for promotions

Currently the last class available is for 2008. The information is the same for each year, but some examples from participants are discussing days in the 2008 Guide. This class had several participants with a wide variety of different applications and covers more examples than our later classes.

Also watch for our normally, annual teleclass on this topic, taught via phone.

90 minutes. MP3 format

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